Lova & Moi started almost by mistake. I graduate from Law School and then did a Master Degree in Intellectual Property. After that I started working on the Diplomacy Field in Geneva, Switzerland.  In 2004 my mandate was coming to an end, so I start to think about a turnover to my life based on a passion I discover I had: love for Gemstones. I remember going with one of my best friends to  a little bijouterie in the Rue de Rhone in Geneva and we sat there for hours looking for semiprecious gemstones to buy.  Next  at home I started to draw what I would like to do with them. That year I decided to take a course in Jewellery Making in Montreux. I spent a few months working on my designs until I was called again to take my ancient job, so I interrupted my new passion and went to Diplomacy again. The years passed by and with my third child coming, also my creative vein resurfaced again. I was still working, so after putting my three girls into bed, I started to create again, sometimes until very late at night, but I was having a real good time!  Then I started sharing pictures of my creations in facebook and friends were asking for pieces to sell. I went to Panama that summer, took a small collection of what I had and did a home sale. Everyone just loved it! it was a real succes! so I came back home, did a Home sale also in Geneva and the rest is only the beggining of Lova & Moi!  Now  you can find my jewellery in two shops in Panama and online.